Share access to websites
without sharing your password
Control how long you want to grant access for, and share access to accounts without revealing your password.
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How it works
AccessURL shares cookies instead of passwords. Here’s how it works:
Security conscious design
AccessURL does not rely on or have access to usernames or passwords. AccessURL relies on cookies instead. On most websites, that means if you sign out, everyone using your Access URL will get signed out too. This is one of the ways AccessURL prioritizes security above everything.

By design, AccessURL’s server cannot read user’s data. It doesn’t have the password (which is unique for each Access URL). The Firefox Add-On encrypts the data before it reaches the server and doesn’t give the server the password. For encryption, AccessURL uses the industry-standard: AES.

If you have any questions about security, don’t hesitate to reach out:
Frequently Asked Questions
Is it available on mobile?
Not yet.
How do I create an access url?
Watch the video or watch the gif:

Does it store passwords?
It does not store passwords. Access URL relies on cookies instead of usernames and passwords.
Over 100,000 people trust AccessURL every month.
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